A Medicine Buddha Mandala constructed in Paris France, will be built simultaneously in Second Life, in solidarity with the peoples of Burma. The Mandala, a detailed sand representation of the residence of the Medicine Buddha, will be constructed by Tibetan monks over four days. This offering comes at a particularly poignant time says Ven, Geshe Thupten Khedroup, Meditation Director of MindScience Institute. “Monks and Nuns of Burma have shown great compassion and courage demonstrating for freedom and democracy. Those who believe in human rights and human dignity must show solidarity with the Burmese people. This Mandala is dedicated to the peace and happiness of all beings, and especially to those who are suffering in Burma at this time.”


Executives from Unfrozenmind, a Strategic Innovation thinktank based in London and Community Chest SARL collaborated with MSI to simulcast this event in Second Life enable this message of peace and solidarity to be shared in an interactive way across the globe. “This is about technology with a moral compass and about the promotion of universal human values” said Alexei Levene, Marketing Director of Unfrozenmind.


Both the actual and virtual Mandalas are free events open to all peoples says Ven Geshe Thupten Khedroup “We are very happy if people can take some time out of their busy schedules to visit and share in this Mandala as well as expressing their solidarity in a peaceful environment.”


MSI Meditation Director, Ven. Geshe Thupten Khedroup will be building the Medicine Buddha Mandala between 18th-21st October at Espace St Martin, 199bis rue Saint Martin, Paris, France. To join the event on Second Life, please visit .


About MindScience Institute:


MSI is dedicated towards helping both Buddhists and non-Buddhists to train their minds through a practical application of ancient Tibetan techniques. Running courses, conferences and constructing Mandalas across Europe, MSI also runs Aid Projects to support children in need and monks and nuns in Tibet and India.


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