Happy new year from 2L Today and Erther Halasy. Yes, of course. But which year? In SL we got used to a very different sense of time. We can change time, we can choose time, we can even ignore it. We can enter SL and we can leave it whenever we want without feeling obliged by time. What’s the time is a more relevant question in real life than in SL. So: what is the meaning of celebrate new year’s eve? One could say that it’s another consequence of real life’s invasion of SL. If in real life we have to celebrate any kind of festivity, then why shouldn’t do that also in SL? That sounds good. But i think it’s a legacy SL should will soon dismiss. I know it’s hard and it’s too easy to look at SL as another side of life or a play like many other. It’s not like that. Virtual life is a life of its own – in 2008 we shall get accustomed to see SL not just like another life, but a completely new life. Happy new year.