On January 6th, a remembrance service will be held for Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto. A memorial has been built in Wells to remember the courageous woman. I had an opportunity to talk with the builder and the creator of the Pakistan SL group. Jennette Forager built the memorial and had this to say:

“SL is a very powerful tool for connecting with people throughout the world.

When I heard the news of Bhutto’s assassination, I felt grateful to have the SL platform to express my feelings of sadness and concern for Pakistan; and indeed, the entire world.

Among the implications of this horrific act, we can all be grateful that ordinary people like me can do their part to promote peace and understanding. SL is a tool — a wonderful tool –to reach out and express our compassion.

Hundreds of people (if not thousands) have come to visit the memorial and it has given visitors a chance to share their pain and offer heart-felt sympathy for the loss of a remarkable woman.

The politics of Pakistan are irrelevant. What is important to me is that I express my sympathy for the pain and suffering of the Pakistani people and the Bhutto family. Through SL I am able to create an opportunity for all of us to offer them our support and compassion.

I think it is of utmost important to recognize the suffering and fear that this event has inspired, and reach out to one another and express our support for peaceful solutions to political differences.

With the world all to easily drawn towards war and with hatred towards others of different political or religious views being far from rare, I offer this memorial as a means for people to publicly demonstrate their compassion. empathy and unity to their aversion to violence.”

Waqas Rau created the Pakistan SL group. Currently living in the United Kingdom, he shared his appreciation of how much people from other countries care for the tragedy that occurred in Pakistan. And while it is too soon to know the whole truth about Bhutto’s assassination, it is important that the people who perpetrated this crime be brought to justice so that democracy can prevail.

From the official press announcement by any1 Gynoid:

BENAZIR BHUTTO MEMORIAL SERVICE Please Join Us! 2pm Sunday 6 Jan 2008 for a special Memorial Service at the Benazir Bhutto Memorial of SL. Witness and share statements of remembrance. Planned: Special Music Programme. BENAZIR BHUTTO (Born: June 21, 1953, – Assassinated: December 27, 2007) was a Pakistani politician who chaired the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), a centre-left political party in Pakistan. Bhutto was the first woman elected to lead a Muslim state… twice elected Prime Minister of Pakistan. Peace Be Upon Her!