Steam of consciousness is not the easiest thing to read, I admit, and I apologize for this in advance. But today I had allergies act up and my nose has been running like a faucet so sleep is sort of out of the question until the combination of my body and some OTC meds clear me up. Confession: I think non-stop. Stress makes me think deeper and harder, as well. Today I read a story on the BBC online about sensory deprivation, and one former hostage said when you’re alone you have to depend on you having “enough in your head” to get by, or something. I guess it’s like that. The mind is the ultimate get-away. And, unlike TV, movies, or video-games, as thought-provoking and interactive as those may be, the mind has a way of urging you to churn out its contents into creative forces. Like this blog entry, for example.Virtual Worlds as the Ultimate Creative OutletThat’s ultimately why virtual worlds that you can create in are so cool, because that mind-space pours out into a shared setting in a way that can be almost literal. Sure, things like music and writing and speech and other creative outlets wind up communicating that mind-space, but virtual worlds are so inherently surreal that they are like sharing dreams.